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Links to various resources and organisations whom have either provided assistance to the Formula Gravity project or are just interesting to read about.
  • Technology Supplies Ltd.
    The one-stop-shop for whole curriculum D&T
  • National Science & Engineering Competition
    Engineering competitions, which you may find to be of interest
  • Dillon Battisini
    A professional racing car driver, who cut his teeth with Formula Gravity
  • Jet Blast and the hand of fate
    Adventures with landspeed cars and record balloons

    We are mentioned in this book by John Ackroyd
  • Speed Record Club
    Whatever form of speed record breaking you are interested in, be it land, water or air, the Speed Record Club, established in 1991, has something to interest you!
  • Goodwood Festival of Speed
    We have raced and had great fun here for three years.
  • Brooklands Museum
    A place loaded with history and home of the incredible Napier Railton racer and many other amazing land and air machines
  • Graham Parish Engineering Provided the machining and metalwork for the Gadget Show projects
  • Loughborough College Have lots of different courses from A Levels to vocational programmes, Apprenticeships and Degrees.
  • NESTA Is the UK's leading independent expert on how innovation can solve some of the countries biggest social and economic challenges
  • Hillside Computer Services Designers of this web site and on-site computer hardware and software support.

    Based in Brandon, Suffolk
  • STEMNET Creates opportunities to inspire young people in science, technology, engineering and maths
  • Engineering Your Future Delivers a range of activities that support technology, applied science and engineering in an education environment. Delivered by educationalists with industrial backgrounds in exciting and relevant contexts.
  • Aussie Invader Australia's 1000mph World Land Speed Challenge
  • Chambers & Cook Freight Ltd. Freight forwarding.