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World Speed Record Broken with Formula Gravity’s VXR Nimbus

Formula Gravity’s VXR Nimbus which is a schools and colleges engineering project set a World Land Speed Record at the International Gravity Sports Association (IGSA) World Cup Event at Eastbourne on Sunday 14th September 2008 at 62mph. Speeds were verified by Tom Worsley, Chairman of the IGSA.

The team took three days to build up to 62mph, with tests and modifications to the racer going on the whole time as we tried to get the final speed. Both of our drivers James Oakley 18 from Cambridge Regional College and Jonny Ackroyd 16 from St Benedicts School Bury St Edmunds achieved the goal of 62mph. We were right at the limit of the machine and of driver skill.

The team are so grateful to the organisers of Go Fast Speed Days fantastic event for helping us reach our goal. Go Fast Drinks, the International Gravity Sports Association, Eastbourne Council and Lush Longboards. I would also like to give special thanks to all the riders who tolerated us on their special days. The atmosphere and friendliness at the event was incredible. The track provided by Eastbourne Council was absolutely perfect giving our drivers a track that most F1 teams would envy. The organisation of the course and the safety systems in place gave us the ideal setting for the record.

I suspect that this record will not stand for long but I hope that we can set a bench mark for the growing sport and that we can encourage others to take up the challenge.

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    About to go

  • after_62_mph

    After 62 mph

  • amy_at_the_controls

    Amy at the controls

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    The full team

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    The record team

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    We start the run

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    Jonny at the start