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The Sapheria Project News

As promised the Sapheria build is finished. Trials are successfully finished, we have just the logos to go.

I must first of all thank my team, who have given this project everything. I could not have had a more professional, talented team around me. Together with an amazing group of about thirty top companies and professionals to help us all along the way. To top it off we have our guest driver, Don Wales, the grandson of Malcolm Campbell. Don already holds many World Land Speed Records. The result is that we enter the legendary realms of being a Bluebird.

How is that for encouraging the youth of today into STEM and the allied professions?

The Sapheria is the World’s first Electric/ Jet turbine powered vehicle. We have used sustainable power that we think will be with us for the foreseeable future.

The Sapheria is not built for speed, but as a living textbook for students. Showing off the best of engineering high-tech together with the latest materials and traditional skills. A vehicle designed from CAD to track.

We have added as much as we can in the small space, from the latest on board fire extinguisher system, to our purpose built drogue chute. Not room now even for your tooth brush!

For the technical bit:-

  • The jet turbine is a jet Cat 160 RX1B, 120,000rpm, Max thrust of 16kg. Exhaust velocity of 1000 650 deg. Celsius. Sound LOUD.
  • The electric motor is an E Tek 200mm pancake DC motor, with a 3KW output at 24 volts. This all gives an interesting dashboard!
Our trials went better than we could hope, with great performance. I am assured jets are for straight lines, and indeed we had to power the jet back at corners.

The team look forward to educational integration across the UK for years to come. Especially with home team West Suffolk College.
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